Yule Log Fireplace Screensaver - in High Definition!

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Yule Log Fireplace Screensaver title
Ultimate Yule Log Desktop Screensaver has been retired. However you can still get The Ultimate Yule Log fireplace App now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Ulitimate Yule Log iPhone and iPod App

Infinite Looping Fire in HD

Selectable Audio: Crackling Fire or your own iTunes Holiday playlist

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Warm up a holiday bash or a dinner for two.  Just because you live in the big city doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that special holiday ambience that only a fireplace can create.  The Ultimate Yule Log is a full-screen HD infinite loop video that includes a crackling fire soundtrack or your favorite tunes.

  1. Create a holiday playlist in iTunes and sync to your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Install the Ultimate Yule Log App
  3. Start the App and select your playlist
  4. Plug it into a stereo or docking station and let the party begin!


Ulitimate Yule Log iPhone and iPod App



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