Yule Log Fireplace Screensaver - in High Definition!

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Yule Log Fireplace Screensaver!
Fireplace Screen Saver


The Ultimate Yule Log Fireplace Screensaver: the world’s first high-definition video screensaver.

Amaze yourself and your friends with this unique and visually stunning yule log fireplace screensaver. Everyone loves a warm cozy fireplace. Who needs a real yule log... or even a real fireplace? Now you can enjoy the ambiance of a warm holiday fire in the office or at home on your own PC. We've created this high-definition video yule log fireplace screensaver to help you relax, celebrate the season, or turn some heads in your cubicle as folks walk by and wonder what’s cooking.

Holiday Music enhances the Ultimate Yule Log experience and creates the perfect background for your holiday party at the office or home. We’ve created a special page of holiday favorites and treasures to help you get started.

Balsam Pine Incense perfectly reproduces the smell of a real fire because it is hand-made by a little company with real materials. You won't believe your nose.

Ever wonder where the word Yule Log comes from? Click Here

Feel Good - Do Good

5% of all profits from this web site are donated to the National Arbor Foundation® to plant trees so we can all warm our toes by the fireplace for years to come.

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